iEnergyIQ offers a range of services to ensure the successful integration of the iEnergyIQ Energy & Sustainability Management system into your operations. In combination with the iEnergyIQ system, these services enable you to improve operational efficiency, reduce energy cost and mitigate risk.

Continuous Energy Efficiency Optimization and Cost Reduction Services

  • Energy Efficiency & Cost Analysis
  • Data Mining for Continuous Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Utility Bills Audit service
  • Energy Performance Rating for Energy Star
  • Management of Operational Policy for Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Sources mix cost optimization (Utility versus Distributed) based on tariffs
  • Energy Efficiency strategy assessment and optimization
  • Billing tariffs selection and optimization
  • Energy Assessment

Implementation Services Soon after you subscribe to iEnergyIQ, our Technical Services team starts working for you. Since every client is different, we offer various implementation & customization services. With leading software consultants and energy professionals on our staff, we bring you quality, personalized service to assist you in achieving your business goals and objectives.

1. iEnergyIQ Provisioning:

  • Facilities assessment
  • Energy Assessment
  • Historical Utility Bills analysis
  • Telemetry networking and security design
  • Data Warehouse & OLAP database instance creation for new customer
  • KPI targets and thresholds configuration
  • Green House Gas model provisioning & configuration
  • Provisioning a customer in EPA Portfolio Manager for Energy Star
  • Provisioning of a customer delegated administrator
  • Provisioning of Facilities
  • Provisioning of Billing Accounts
  • Provisioning of metered equipment and spaces


"Energy Intelligence for Smart Power"

  • Meters deployment design and management
  • Provisioning of meters
  • Integration and Provisioning of Building Automation System (BAS) using a standard gateway (Tridium Niagara via oBIX or CISCO mediator via XMLRPC)
  • Provisioning of facility models (2D/3D drawings)

2. iEnergyIQ Customization

  • Creation of custom Reports If you have specific reporting needs not met by our 50+ reports, we can create custom iEnergyIQ reports based on your specifications. Or, if you have in-house MS SSRS 2008 and MS SSAS 2008 expertise, you can create your own iEnergyIQ reports.
  • Creation of Custom Key Performance Indicators (KPI) If you have specific KPI needs not met by our 50+ KPIs, we can create custom iEnergyIQ KPIs based on your specifications.
  • Creation of Custom ad-hoc MDX Query template for OLAP Analytics
  • Design and creation of Custom Operational Policy for Enterprise Energy Efficiency
  • OLAP cube customization to create additional measures & MDX development for new measure aggregation
  • Utility Bills import adapters customization per Utility/Tariff
  • Billing tariffs configuration, customization and provisioning for use in Financial Analysis and Bills Audit
  • Demand Response System Integration for Demand Response Operational Policy
  • Customization of input adapters for Time Series Complex Events Processing from new type of meters and data sources
  • Custom Interface Development for Line of Business (LOB) systems and integration (e.g. CMMS, CAFM, ERP, Accounting, Point of Sale, Hospital Management, CRM, Hotel Management, etc).
  • Custom Interface Development for Building Automation Systems (BAS)
  • 3D Facility Drawings creation using Google SketchUp

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