Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does this system work? Is it software or a hard device or equipment? iEnergyIQ Enterprise Energy Management system (EEMS) is software system. However an Enterprise Energy Management Solution is more than just software. EEMS solution includes:

  • Software
  • Meters (electric, gas, water, steam, etc) from any vendors
  • An implementation service
  • Monthly Energy efficiency analysis service

We use Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model for iEnergyIQ. iEnergyIQ software is hosted at our data center and customers can access it securely over Internet. For a deployment of iEnergyIQ for any customer organization we use local partners (Solution Providers, ESCO/Energy Service Companies, System Integrators and Engineering companies) to interface with customers, assess facilities, install meters, connect meters to iEnergyIQ via secure Internet connection, help provision facilities in iEnergyIQ, Interface with local Utilities for tariffs, bills, etc.

2) If I understand correctly, the system monitors and records the consumption of all energy supply. Does it also provide analytical tools for saving energy? For instance, it tells where waste exists and how it can be rectified. If it does, what would be the percentage of saving per year?

  • iEnergyIQ monitors and records data from all types of meters installed in multiple facilities via secure Internet connections to multiple meters. Modern meters can provide much more data to iEnergyIQ than just consumption (e.g. peak power demands, power factors, current, voltage, reactive power, etc).
  • iEnergyIQ can also input and record data from Utility Bills and automate Bills Audit by comparing Utility Bills detail data with iEnergyIQ aggregated energy cost and statistics calculated from actual meters data. Bill Audit can provide a significant saving for customers because Utilities sometimes have billing errors, or charge for inefficient energy use. Savings from Bill Audit can be up to 5% of annual Utility Bill. Understanding of Tariffs and Bills charges is a key to energy cost optimization and may result in changes in Enterprise operational policies to optimize use of energy.


  • The main competitive advantage of iEnergyIQ over all competitors is very advanced analytical capability for energy efficiency, energy cost management and green house gas emission. iEnergyIQ OLAP Analytics is built on the latest Microsoft Business Intelligence technology platform and applied to Energy Cost Optimization, Efficiency Management and Green House Gas tracking and reporting. iEnergyIQ has 3 different Analytical subsystems/energy views:
    1. Highest level Executives Interface: Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboards for Enterprise Energy efficiency, cost trends and high-level benchmarks of organization units or facilities
    2. Operational/Energy/Sustainability Executives/Managers view: comprehensive reports about all aspects of operations related to energy, cost, green house gas emissions, trends
    3. Financial / Business Analysts Interface: ad-hoc Online Analytical Processing with drill down, pivot tables, data mining and Excel export.
  • Energy cost saving varies between 10% and 40% depending on a business type, facility type, and a customer continuous energy optimization actions per our recommendations.

3) Do you provide iEnergyIQ product demonstrations?

  • Our staff can provide live iEnergyIQ demonstrations to potential clients via SKYPE (Skype screen sharing) or via WebEx. Skype/WebEx demonstrations of live iEnergyIQ system are very efficient and helpful.

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