Enterprise Energy Management System (EEMS).

Organizations have established business processes and deployed systems to strategically manage the five key drivers of shareholder value - their customers, employees, supply chain, financials, and products. Today a Green House Gas & Energy "system of record" and corresponding lever of shareholder value is emerging - the environmental record - which includes the information across an organization related to its natural resource consumption and energy usage, and the resulting emissions and environmental impact. The environmental record connects to and leverages existing systems and processes to drive incremental value across your extended organization.


  • Executive Portal with Rich Internet Applications Silverlight GUI
  • Energy and Sustainability Management Portal
  • Operations Management and Monitoring Portal
  • Scorecard & Charts with Trends
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Data Mining & Modeling
  • Ad-Hoc Analytical Queries
  • On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Carbon Footprint & Sustainability Management
  • Bill Auditing & Forensics
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Cost Calculation, Tracking & Benchmarking for each Aircraft, Equipment, Storage Facility, etc.
  • Key Performance Indicators for Financial Efficiency, Operational Efficiency
  • Operation Policy for Efficiency
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Policy Enforcement: Alerts & Notifications
  • Real-Time Metering
  • Integration with Management Systems
  • Accessible 24/7 from Anywhere Inside the Organization

Environment and Energy:

  • Increase business efficiency
  • Maximize shareholder value
  • Mitigate risk
Enterprise Energy Management System from reporting to reduction
Enterprise Energy Management System gives organizations auditable transparency and control of their "organizational metabolism" - the collective resources consumed and expended by an organization - including energy, water, gas, waste, carbon and other natural resources. EEMS enables organizations to comprehensively and securely manage their environmental record and leverage best practices in order to improve efficiency, manage risk and maximize shareholder value. EEMS is a highly-configurable and scalable solution that is already used by leading companies across industry types and government organizations. It enables organizations to:
  • Gain visibility into the facilities through familiar, easy-to-use dashboards and scorecards that track performance and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Analyze energy & carbon data and trends to identify issues and implement solutions that help meet quotas by target dates.
  • Make accurate forecasts about future energy demand & carbon and get ahead of the budget cycle.
  • Understand and predict energy demand & carbon patterns to boost savings.
  • Analyze & energy history to identify the best & energy efficiency solutions to increase effectiveness and savings.
  • Identify and capitalize on new & energy efficiency opportunities. EEMS can help your organization increase operational efficiency, maximize shareholder value and mitigate risk.


  • Optimize ROI of environmental resource consumption
  • Evaluate &energy alternatives and conservation priorities
  • Reduce regulatory risks

Impact your bottom line What's good for the environment is good for business. But before organizations can identify the full benefit of environmental initiatives, they need to know how these initiatives impact the bottom line. EEMS solution enables your organization to have a clear perspective on resource consumption, emissions, and the return you can expect from investing in sustainability initiatives. With the EEMS, these initiatives can be implemented across your internal organization and value chain in a consistent, efficient and cost-effective manner. It provides a verifiable way for you to:

  • Gain visibility into the entire organization's energy performance through familiar, easy-to-use dashboards that monitor key financial energy metrics.
  • With an integrated, unified, trusted data platform, ensure data quality and create reports with numbers people can count on.
  • Get up to speed quickly and spend less time on training by relying on tools you already know and use every day, such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Minimize manual financial processes and reduce errors in spreadsheets.
  • Enable organizational transparency to meet green house gas & energy management goals.


  • Attract and engage employees with sustainability vision
  • Identify best practices for & energy and resource conservation initiatives
  • Communicate sustainability stewardship across stakeholders


Spread the good news As your stakeholders become more engaged in sustainability issues, the demand for transparency increases. The Enterprise Energy Management System solution enables your organization to clearly communicate - and demonstrate - your commitment to sustainability, bringing accountability and confidence to every aspect of your operation.

EEMS provides your organization with a secure and accurate view of your environmental and energy record, the information driving your sustainability goals and initiatives. It helps to ensure successful disclosure, reporting, and recruitment efforts by providing verifiable and comprehensive information for distribution to regulators, employees, stakeholders and other constituencies. It provides a verifiable way for you to:

  • Monitor and improve operational energy performance by consolidating data across multiple information sources (Tanks, Trucks, Buildings, Systems, Meters, Utilities, etc.).
  • Gain visibility of energy demand, across multiple locations and time zones.
  • Support sustainability initiatives
  • Accurately forecast energy demand and spot trends to align energy resources more effectively.
  • Measure and manage vendor performance.
  • Identify inefficient processes in operations, etc.
  • Get up to speed quickly and spend less time on training by relying on tools you already know and use every day, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook.

Supply Chain:

  • Delegate ownership of environmental, and energy reporting
  • Reduce risk by enabling transparency across your value network
  • Implement sustainability initiatives across your supply chain

Extend initiatives across your supply network
Implementing sustainability initiatives across your supply chain requires visibility and coordination. The Enterprise Energy Management System solution provides secure collaboration and transparency of your environmental and energy record across your supply network. EEMS provides secure management of resource consumption and emissions tracking by supplier. Environmental initiatives and reporting requirements can be delegated to supply chain partners and managed against milestones. Energy and resource reduction initiatives can be benchmarked and monitored, providing an accurate before-and-after account of supplier emissions. The application also helps identify optimal sourcing options in your supply chain based on cost and environmental performance, and improves transportation and logistics decision-making.


  • Account for resource consumption and emissions across product lifecycle
  • Identify product and material sourcing alternatives
  • Reduce product environmental footprint

Manage product lifecycle resource consumption and emissions
Your products may not last forever, but they can leave a lasting impression. From product design to disposal, the Enterprise Energy Management System solution enables you to account for and reduce your product footprint throughout the lifecycle. EEMS evaluates the impact of resource consumption across individual departments, facilities and operations and assesses the savings potential of resource and emission reduction initiatives across the product lifecycle. EEMS enables you to determine product intensity for carbon labeling and to "design for emissions" and phase-in sustainable initiatives and alternatives that provide the biggest ROI.


  • Differentiate brands and corporate image
  • Communicate and monetize sustainability strategies
  • Reduce the risk of perceived "greenwashing"

Differentiate with confidence
Avoid "greenwashing" and instill confidence in public sustainability environmental disclosures. Investing in environmental and energy initiatives enabled by EEMS accurate and audit-grade system will not only help meet public demand for environmentally conscious products, it can also help influence purchasing behavior, reduce risk, preempt negative publicity and sustain product life. Sustainability is increasingly relevant to today's consumers. By implementing initiatives that are consistent with your product positioning, you can increase brand value and consumer demand. You can also clearly differentiate your offerings and organization from the competition. Enterprise Energy Management System solutions enable you to securely and accurately manage your environmental and energy record to confidently establish the strength of your brand and its value to customers, communities and investors. They also provide invaluable information for meeting the requirements of green labeling and certification programs. Enterprise Energy Management System can help your organization increase operational efficiency, maximize shareholder value and mitigate risk.

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